Our FARM is for fun and learning!

industry trade name: crypto dot farmTM has designed a fixed supply, official domain branded token, that will stay associated with this domain until the end of time. We have issued all the FARM supply to the public Ethereum Blockchain, and no more tokens can ever be created.

In the long term decades we plan for FARM to become a rare collectors asset one can directly exchange for energy usage. The use case currently for FARM will be: trading, bartering, advertising, programming, teaching, or simply for long term holding and speculation because you like our company and its crypto vision!

This token is not a registered security of Crypto Farm Corp. We do not regulate or control who uses the generic FARM token, and therefore do not make any promise of equity, vote, or future token market value in any capacity. Trade at your own risk and free will.

ticker: FARM

blockchain: Ethereum

protocol: ERC-20

max supply: 32,000,000

issued supply: 100%

type: crypto token non-registered

function: promotion and utility

public listing format: Decentralized Asset Sale via DEX

Fixed Supply Cap Table:




Group 1&2 will follow a Decentralized Asset Sale (DAS) Listing Format via a Decentralized Exchange (DEX)


By 2022 EOY, the end format design is that no single holder will have more than 3.125% of the total supply, i.e. making FARM a true and fully decentralized functional asset.

Supply Definitions Breakdown

Group 1: 15,000,000 – initially all publically released on our decentralized exchange (DEX) to create trading micro-economy 

Group 2: 14,000,000 – future public releases to various high volume Ethereum DEXs when adoption ramps up, ~1-3 years

Group 3: 1,000,000 – public reserve for physical token minting over next 50 years (rare earth metals, gold, etc) 

Group 4: 1,000,000 – this not-for-profit cluster to be used for education, training, salary, wages, bounty, airdrops, development 

Group 5: 1,000,000 – final ‘profit’ grouping initially reserved for company Founder and core team. Locked until at least 2024. 

target launch starting bid range = 0.000001+ ETH per token (1+ µETH)

groups 1,2,3 and 5, we will collect and remit 13% product sales tax to revenue canada on the initial peer to peer transfer

NOTE: we only initially minted to five Ethereum addresses total above. The five addresses/groups received exactly the quantity shown above, and the private keys are all initially held by Crypto Farm Corp. before getting distributed to the DEX platforms and eventual token holders. There will never be anymore tokens minted or circulated, other than what is exactly shown and defined above. Forever this will remain the generic FARM standard of trade, in hopes to provide long term growth to the token, without large corporate profit selling, as there is a low total supply that is offered fairly to the public without ability to dilute the supply. This should provide steady store of value growth for token holders in the upcoming crypto industrial revolution. “32” is a lucky number of the company founder, and serves no real mathematical purpose, or does it?

OCT/NOV 2019

Available for online exchange soon on our own DEX platform!

proudly designed and issued from Canada

an asset designed to stand the test of time! #32


Ideal Token Growth Economics

4.20.2019 contract created, initial public exchange availability, early stages, low cap

market cap: 5-10 ETH

1 FARM = 0.3125 µETH

1 ETH per 3,200,000 FARM

launch bid range at 1+ µETH with 15,000,000 FARM (Group 1)

Advertising campaign, public awareness, increase trading volume, add token features, hire more engineers.

market cap: 1,000 ETH

1 FARM = 31.25 µETH

1 ETH per 32,000 FARM


Medium size company now with 50+ employee’s, is a common name, open up satellite offices.

market cap: 100,000 ETH

1 FARM = 0.003125 ETH

1 ETH per 320 FARM


Medium-large size company now with 500+ employee’s,  we are building a new industry class of crypto farming, token value could really start to take off higher and higher.

market cap: 300,000 ETH

1 FARM = 0.009375 ETH

1 ETH per 106.6 FARM


Mega billion dollar conglomerate with 10,000+ employee’s, the crypto farming industrial revolution has started, and FARM is listed on every major exchange.

market cap: 1,000,000 ETH

1 FARM = 0.03125 ETH

1 ETH per 32 FARM original founder and supporters have likely passed away, but the company vision, brand, and token will carry on forever in time, creating a snowball equity capture effect with endless new development.

market cap: 100,000,000 ETH

1 FARM = 3.125 ETH

1 ETH per 0.32 FARM


We suspect by this point in time the Earth has measured its power and finances without the need for numbers, FARM token is a staple in society supporting billions of people every single nano second, and human’s have travelled to multiple universes through quantum teleportation and near speed of light recreational vehicles. The meaning of life is drastically different, but FARM token economics and daily use remains strong.

market cap: 100,000,000,000,000 ETH (theoretical)

1 FARM = 3,125,000 ETH

1 ETH per 0.00000032 FARM


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