We have built our own Decentralized Exchange (DEX) for trading FARM

With FARM you are knowingly holding a fraction of’s real and permanent domain existence

ticker: FARM

trade name:crypto dot farm’

blockchain: Ethereum

max supply: 32,000,000

resolution: 18 decimals

issued supply: 100%

type: fixed supply domain utility product

distribution format: Asset Trading via DEX

Super awesome domain energy-based utility functions will be rolling out

over the upcoming decades!

(NOTE: as of 01-SEP-2020 the DEX is still in beta testing release, and trading may not be fully operational, DESKTOP only at this time, try it out!)

FARM Market Capitalization Speculation

20-APR-2019 contract created, early stages of token development, Whitepaper R00 released in 01-FEB-2020

market cap: TBD

1 FARM = 50 µETH (0.00005 ETH)

20,000 FARM per 1 ETH

launch bid starting range at 50+ µETH with 15,000,000 FARM released (Group 1)

Entry size company with 25+ employee’s is ranking higher in search engines, open up satellite offices.

market cap: 2,000 – 10,000 ETH

1 FARM = 62 – 310µETH (~0.000062-0.00031 ETH)

16,000 – 5,000 FARM per 1 ETH

Additional FARM released to various DEX’s from Group 2

Small to medium size company now with 100+ employee’s,  we are building a new industry class of energy farming, FARM trading frequency could really start to take off higher and higher

market cap: 75,000 ETH

1 FARM = 0.00235 ETH

425 FARM per 1 ETH

More of Group 2 FARM is released to popular exchanges

New products and functions released for FARM interaction

Mega billion dollar corp with 10,000+ employee’s, the crypto farming industrial revolution is in full swing, and FARM is listed on every major decentralized exchange around the world

market cap: 10,000,000 ETH

1 FARM = 0.3125 ETH

3.2 FARM per 1 ETH original founder and supporters have likely passed away, but the company vision, brand, and FARM will carry on forever in time, creating a snowball equity capture effect with endless new development

market cap: 100,000,000+ ETH

1 FARM = 3.125 ETH

1 ETH per 0.32 FARM

We suspect by this point in time the Earth has measured its power and finances without the need for numbers, FARM  is a staple in society used by billions of people every single nano second, and human’s have travelled to multiple universes through quantum teleportation and near speed of light recreational vehicles. The meaning of life is drastically different, but FARM trading and daily use remains a galactic staple.

market cap: 100,000,000,000,000 ETH (theoretical)

1 FARM = 3,125,000 ETH

0.00000032 FARM per 1 ETH


NOTE: ‘crypto dot farm’ is not a security token or to be used as an investment vehicle. Trade and your own risk and free will. These market cap numbers in table above are purely speculative and do not guarantee any future outcome. FARM is a physical product of our domain and is used as a medium of exchange, and is never considered legal tender in any jurisdiction. Only trade what you could afford to loose. It is designed right now as a collectors product of our global domain, and once acquired is your responsibility.  

32M Fixed Supply Distribution:


 Supply Definitions  (all initial FARM shall be purchased in Limit Orders and never sold at Market)

 Group 1: 15,000,000 – all publicly released on (DEX) to create trading micro-economy 

 Group 2: 14,000,000 – future public sale releases to various high volume global DEXs when adoption ramps up

 Group 3: 1,000,000 – public reserve for physical token minting sales over next 50+ years (rare earth metals, gold, etc) 

 Group 4: 1,000,000 – this not-for-profit company group to be used for education, training, bounty, airdrops, development 

 Group 5: 1,000,000 – final grouping initially reserved for company Founder. Locked until at least 2025. 


Visitors to this page only:

REMINDER: this token is not a registered security of Crypto Farm Corp. or its affiliates. We do not regulate or control who uses the domain’s FARM token, and therefore do not make any promise of equity, vote, or future token market value in any capacity. We never advertise or sell FARM as an investment vehicle or make any promise of financial returns. It is simply a fixed product of our domain designed for the global computer network to trade peer-to-peer. 

Trade at your own risk and free will.