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A futuristic domain system for all our visitors, traders, and friends


Cybertrust Root 256-BIT SSL with HSTS Header

Z dedicated cert


Reverse proxy service layer

your interaction and device data is "private" when visiting our website

We use a top-notch modern encryption suite to best insure your website activities are secure and private. HTTPs and TLS1.3 minimum on every web page link keeps your communication private between this domain, with a HSTS ( HTTP Strict Transport Security) web security policy mechanism that helps to protect against man-in-the-middle attacks such as protocol downgrade attacks and cookie hijacking. You can inspect our certificate by clicking the lock symbol in the top-left of your address bar. Furthermore we do not intentionally use any 3rd party domains to collect analytical data about your activity and website decisions.

TIP: If you want to block most trackers when you visit various websites, use the Privacy Badger plugin by the EFF in your browser. Also be sure to opt-out of Ad tracking on your device from all the main players by visiting: domain access security

DNSSEC authenticates the resolution of our server IP address with a cryptographic signature, to make sure that answers provided by the DNS server (the phone book of the internet) are valid and authentic. With this added protection, you can be ensured that each time you visit, you are in fact connecting to our actual website server corresponding to the domain name URL entered. 

TIP: Always make sure the URL in the address bar matches the website you intend to use, and inspect the certificate lock symbol for signing validation to ensure their SSL security is registered and signed for that exact domain URL. Also we suggest to install a nifty little plugin for your browser, called uBlock Origin, which blocks most common 3rd party or surveillance domains from accessing and cross-tracking your device while on various other website domains.  


CloudFlare Inc ECC CA-2


Firewall DDoS Mitigation


DNSSEC spoofing protection

We believe in a truly free internet for all beings to learn from!

Thank you for trusting 🙂

Okay cool, sounds sketchy. So what the heck actually is this domains purpose and mark? In a not so distant future, no matter what kind of person or government you are, you will be able to have a stake and ownership of this domain and farm up its revenues and decide on its future progress. Crypto Farm is envisioned to be the most compliant, fun, and wondrous trading marvels of the galaxy.