Research: What Is Blockchain?

by May 23, 2019

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You might be wondering what all this new crypto talk is about? Well, you have come to the right place to learn.

The biggest concepts to understand are:



Cryptocurrency, aka crypto

And what is better than watching videos to learn! 


The latest trend in tech that is about to explode over the coming decades, is Blockchain. You are going to start hearing the word a lot, check it out this cool perspective on the tech!


We are just scratching the surface. It is like where the internet was in 1992. As there is a learning curve involved to acquire some Bitcoin, you can let us nerds handle your initial Bitcoin ownership! This is why we have designed a paper wallet service, to store the Bitcoin safely offline from the network in a previous block state, thus allowing you to hold it physically in your hands forever! (to sell or trade it whenever you want)


Who actually created Bitcoin? – Turns out they were anonymous just like the currency itself! Some even speculate it was the British government, but we may never know. What we do know, is cryptocurrency is one of mankind’s greatest inventions of all time, because it is a decentralized exchange!



Longer Video


We found this informative recent news story on the topic, it is one of our favourite public news clips from the Canadian company Global News.


There are even new crypto technologies such as Ethereum, that were developed several years after the initial release of Bitcoin core. We have designed our utility FARM token based upon this blockchain. You can learn more about trading FARM token here.


Ethereum is currently the #2 most popular cryptocurrency next to Bitcoin in terms of market cap. We believe both technologies will play a vital roll in the upcoming industrial evolution, and will co-exist forever!



Where do you see this technology headed? Do you have any unanswered questions? Leave a comment below!