Our Performance Promise

3 years comes standard

Every Arctic Mind once delivered is automatically enrolled for three years of guaranteed performance. We design our systems with the world’s highest quality materials and components, and stand by our attention to scientific detail.

We want you to push your new crypto asset to the limit! Overclock the hardware with your own custom profiles, run ten monitors simultaneously, mine various algorithms, run detailed simulations, crunch the numbers, render intense graphics, and simply never turn off your machine. That’s how confident we are in our build quality, and if any component shall fail on you, our support engineers are on it ASAP to get your asset back online and into production.


always on

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Off or sleep mode are not a reality. We expect your asset to work hard throughout its entire life cycle, and that means being on duty 24/7. Our hardware promise in our design, means your asset has at least three years of cost-free material operation. By closely obeying the five tech principles, your assets will have an even much longer life relevancy, we think upwards to ten years.  

hardware that works

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Our three year realiablity promise is due to a careful selection of commercially proved industrial grade components, from reliable manufactures. We only use  the best top-of-the-line parts money can buy. This is why our hardware functionality is superior, and we can comfertably offer three years of worry free operation – standard with every delivery.


reliable part transport

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Swap out the components in the unlikely event of failure, and we will replace them. Every system we design is modular and features easy access to the major components in the field. If you are unable to access the parts, or need to send back the entire unit for analysis, simply use our provided durable and reusible foam shipping containers to easily send the entire unit back to us.


life cycle support

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We are only just a few keystrokes away. Drop us a support inquiry anytime, even years after your performance period is over.  We will always do our best to help you with any hardware troubleshooting. After all, we also have the same assets running for an even longer period than yours! There is also the possibility to ship your old assets back to us for detailed preceous metal component recycling, and we will offer a large discount on your next hardware generation purchase. 

There are five tech principles that must be actively followed to in order to qualify for our Performance Promise 

(these principles are generally good to practice with any electronic device you own)

Max 65 C ambient temp

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The assets environmental air temperature outside the casing (the ambient room temperature) must be less than 65 degrees Celsius and greater than 5 degrees (between 149 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit). Temperature conditions outside this range could cause internal circuitry errors as the cooling systems were not designed for extreme operating temperatures, either freezing or hot. We find the best performance is if you can keep your facility temp between 10-30 degrees. For large farming operations having proper facility ventilation is required. The circuits will automatically power down in safe mode if internal temperatures reach greater than 92 degrees Celsius. This means most environments will need a basic HVAC system for the asset to live a long and healthy life.  

Max 75% relative humidity

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Usually with a hot industrial environment the air humidity will be naturally dry and less than 10%. Furthermore, comfortable office environments are typically around 30-50%.  However, if you happen to have a high humidity environment, water vapour type particles and airborne contaminates have a much higher probability to condense and therefore buildup on the sensitive electronics during constant operation. This can cause early life failures.  Therefore we have determined the assets room humidity must never exceed 75%.

surge protection awareness

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Electrical surges can happen, even to the best of us. You must understand your power source, and we suggest having a secondary surge protection system.  We can not honour replacing parts that have had surge damage. Our power supply’s have basic in-rush protection and over current protection fail safes, but we cannot guarantee they will keep your electronics safe during a large power surge, hence we recommend for your own protection and to honour the Performance Promise, to have robust surge protection between your energy source and your crypto machine.

no physical damage

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Please do not drop your asset it or pour coffee into the air vents. Physical damage is obviously out of our control and is not covered. This also includes on-site vibration or cyclic fatigue. Your assets should be secured safely on a stable desk or racked in a server mount that is not exposed to constant or periodic low frequency noise and vibration. Continuous small force vibrations can internally cause performance problems over time, that would be very difficult to troubleshoot. Hence your facility or workspace should be geometrically stable and free from any external mechanical forces.

regular dust clearing

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Last but not least, it is very important to keep your cooling intake screens clear from debris, and regularly blow out the dust that builds up between the components. We recommend no more than 40-60 psi (275-413 kPa) of compressed air force for clearing, at least twice per year in normal environment. You can wash the screens with regular tap water, and let them air dry. Industrial areas with heavy airborne particle environments, will need to clear filters and components more regularly as buildup occurs. Your assets need to breath, so keeping their airways open is critical. Additionally, machines naturally accumulate dust build up over time from the cooling air passing over the warm component surface. By regularly clearing dust, this reduces fire risk, and greatly extends component life. You are expected (and it is good practice) to regularly perform such maintenance on your asset. Please reference our cleaning and suggested maintinance articles in the knowledge portal.

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