Legal data page. Version: 2.0. Last updated: 23FEB-2020

We have designed this page to be simple enough for everyone to understand, in a clear and normal human language. Total reading time is about 10 minutes. The original legal version was written in English, and is to be used as reference information in other languages only. We expect by visiting and using our websites, and engaging with our products and services, you have an understanding and agree with the following: 

1.0 Introduction

a. We/our/us ( et al., and/or its authorized affiliate domains) will foremost reference the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, from the Constitution Act of 1982. These are our domain’s guiding principles, which guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by our mandated Canadian law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

Fundamental freedoms of this domain and its partner domains, with the owner entity CRYPTO FARM CORP. and/or its authorized affiliate Canadian companies reserve the following fundamental freedoms:

a. freedom of conscience and religion;
b. freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
c. freedom of peaceful assembly; and
d. freedom of association.

Figure 1: Fundamental Freedoms of et al.


2.0 Website Terms of Use

a. Like most sites on the internet, our website uses cookies for identifying visitors. Cookies are small text based information packets stored by the web based browsers (such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other web based browser) on your computer. The information is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server. This enables our web server to identify and track web browsers for visitation analytics. By visiting our website you agree with using all of our cookies and associated third party cookie providers from: Google, PayPal, Facebook, WordPress, and Cloudflare. The 3rd party providers also generate statistical and other information about website use by means of cookies. Furthermore, all your browser cache (local memory) are automatically removed and permanently deleted from your browser after 8 days of inactivity (not visiting the website).
b. All information provided by et al. on the website or PDF papers is exactly that, just information. We don’t promise any particular result, or suggest you take any action. Everything you read is potentially a matter of opinion of our company, and not to be taken as true: scientific, legal, political, or financial advice/facts. Therefore, when visiting our website and viewing our information, you will not hold us liable for any wrongdoing, misfortune, or harm, that may arise as a result of your actions on and off-line from this website, including using any of our products, services, and research. We do not guarantee or endorse any type of financial success from using our website or products, you should research and use the products at your own free will, and it’s important to check with your local jurisdiction if you are allowed to visit our website. We do not block any specific country, and welcome all global visitors to the website. Our website was deigned in English language, and all international language front-end formats can be machine translated by Google browser or other plugins. The translated content is not verified for direct correctness or translation accuracy. Therefore, we are not responsible for incorrect or accidental offensive language translations, or your action resulting from their interpretation. We try our best to have a website that is suitable and comfortable for international visitors, but make no promise of the meaning or truth of the written language both in English or a converted language.
c. Our company ( et al.) operations and website are generally bound by the legal jurisdictional requirements of Canada. We operate under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms principals, as shown in Figure 1. Due to the global audience of the cryptocurrency industry, do not engage with our website should you have illegal or nefarious intent in mind. Such visitors will be banned by our security team, and we reserve the right to block any country or specific visitor IP should we choose, without justifiable clause. We also have the right to amend or edit this Legal page at any point in time. You can view the last edit time at the top of the page. We suggest to print a time-stamped copy of this page for your records, we do not update this page more than a few times each year.
d. The product data sheets (PDS) or Energy Unknown research articles provided for any product, service, whitepapers, information page, etc. are accurate to the best extent possible, however they are to be used as reference only and not taken as true scientific, legal, political, or financial advice/facts. For example, the electrical power draw depends on many factors including the voltage source, ambient temperature, and processing algorithm being used. There is at least a 10% design variance on all numbers that must be considered. All our components are at a minimum CE (certified electronics) and RoHS complaint, however we cannot be held liable for accidental or indented misuse of our products, or personal company financial damage resulting thereof from the use of our products. We will ship the power supply and outlet style connection you will need, depending on your local shipping destination country standards. Custom power supply design with tighter tolerances and certified data sheets to match, are available for large industry engineering orders.

3.0 Terms of Sale

a. Payment. We aim to accept all forms of Good and Tender, from any country in the world. Most of our products can be purchased with credit cards, debit cards, and linked Bank accounts, and are billed in over 20+ international currencies using our payments processor PayPal Canada. They offer seller protection on all orders should we not deliver the product. Reference their further policies here. Furthermore for large orders we offer direct bank transfer deposit SWIFT (USD+CAD receiving only) for our customers and clients. If you would like to order our products with a different method or currency not listed, please contact us and we will try our best to make accommodations, however we cannot guarantee all forms of payment are acceptance for trade. It’s very important for us there are no barriers to access our products, in order to create a fair opportunity for our website visitors. The only conditions with the purchasing, is all must be done electronically and we do not accept phone or mail orders. Payment must be made in full before and cleared, before any assets or services are to begin process for delivery. Certain payment origins and fiat thresholds may be subject to anti-money laundering verification as guidance is provided by FINTRAC Canada, and out team may request further information from you directly via email. Our back-end payments design processing partner is ABODS TECH INC., an authorized affiliate and registered money business, acting as the et al. payments processor and point of contact and owner for any financial transactions performed through this website or its sub-domains, and operates our primary [email protected] email respondent for all customer tickets.
b. Refunds are possible if requested prior to any assets being delivered only by emailing [email protected], we cannot under any circumstances issue any type of refund (full or partial) once an asset has been confirmed as delivered to your physical address or digital wallet (i.e with a proof of the blockchain transfer transaction hash). Buyers remorse cannot be claimed at any point in time after this hard cut-off. Any charge backs or PayPal disputes will be proven as fraudulent and you will be permanently banned from the domain should you attempt to initiate such false delivery claims. We guarantee all orders to be delivered and received in good working order 100% with transparency, so you have nothing to worry about. Furthermore orders sent to the wrong digital or physical address as a result of your erroneous data entry or lost receiving access are not eligible for any type of refund. You must take care when ordering our products that your information is correct, and we cannot be held responsible for inaccurate order data entry.
c. Your final paid invoice receipt will keep your quote order currency selection as the primary displayed on the invoice. All of our orders that contain any harmonized sales tax (HST) will be detailed in the final paid invoice receipt notes that is emailed to your automatically after a successful payment. We convert on the backend to Canadian dollars after payment has been received, as this is our companies financial data reporting requirements. It is the customers duty to report the tax paid to their local jurisdiction, only and if required, as the revenue is actually only being collected in Canadian dollars. We typically collect small amount of tax on every order, regardless of destination, as part of our delivery procedures found on this legal page, and would be noted clearly in the email receipt notes. We also receive a copy and confirmation from our email server that your email has been delivered to your inbox, so claims as to not receiving a final email receipt will be invalidated as we have proof of all successful transmissions.
d. Product Options. You must research which product options to choose carefully during your order placement, and we cannot issue refunds or returns for the wrong selection made. The details of each option can be found within the order page. Any questions you are encouraged to submit a support ticket prior to order:
e. CryptoDelivery: Paper Wallet. The server is where the checkout order takes place, and is owned by our domain (acting as sub-domain). The details of the Paper Wallet procedure can be found in the open-source customer transfer specification here. In a nut shell, we delivered according to the Printing Schedule ordered, and once delivery is confirmed, the customer (Payee – buyer) is the only party with the private keys, hence we take no legal responsibly or offer any warranty or refunds on the asset/product once delivery has been confirmed and the Paper Wallet is loaded with funds. See Refunds section 2.b above, the same rules apply to 2.e.
f. ETH Delivery. The server is where the checkout order takes place, and is owned by our domain (acting as sub-domain). No refunds are allowed for wrong public address input or unaccessible address, and before checkout you have to agree to 3 check boxes, in summary acknowledging that you (the buyer) understand there are absolutely no refunds for any orders of Ethereum (ETH) once successfully delivered to your wallet public address. See Refunds section 2.b above, the same rules apply to 2.f.

4.0 Materials

a. Hardware. On mining equipment orders and serviced based mining infrastructure servers, the warranty on materials will be agreed to prior to installation or shipping in a legal purchase order. Typically all hardware materials come with at least a 2 year warranty, with option for longer periods depending on the material specification used. We know how important it is to keep your systems and users online. If there is ever a hardware failure, we can walk you through how to perform a remote part swap and will cover all material expenses, no questions asked during warranty service periods as agreed upon. You are required to send back the failed component first to our labs in Canada. We can arrange for 24/7 staffed facility personnel for large client operations for quick troubleshooting and optimal uptime. If the element is too difficult to replace or remote diagnose, we will typically cover all full unit shipping cost back to our facility for analysis, per the service agreement or purchase order terms. There is no limit to the number of support tickets or repair inquires during the standard hardware service window. You are encouraged to run custom overclock profiles and push the machines at high performance. Just please note any temperature related damages (overheating due to improper overclock or use) are not covered. The systems are typically smart enough to auto-shutdown when high temperatures or bad overclock timings are reached, but not always does this prevent permanent damage. We typically do not guarantee any actual performance commitments or service level up-time unless specified in the purchase legal agreement.
b. Software Retail. On the retail applications and, and the general et al. domains, no warranty is provided. We are not held liable for financial loss in any capacity should you get “hacked” or loose access to your private keys.
c. Software Industry. For client industry based remote operations, typically no warranty is provided unless the server is purchased through us, and any operating system (OS) is copy-write of their respective programmers and owners. We are not held liable for software produced financial loss in any capacity, unless we are acting as the asset custodian, by default we are not. It is your responsibility to keep software updated and have security measures in place, unless we are acting as the clients custodian and payments settler, which would be clear in any sealed purchase agreement between us.
d. The Decentralized Exchange (DEX). By accessing our decentralized application (dApp) through the server, you have to agree with the website terms found on this very page: before proceeding. All sections above and below apply to any actions on the DEX, including Sec.5.0 below. The users/visitor/customer is responsible for their own wallets and assets, we provided no warranty or take any responsibility for activity or bugs on the server. The security and peer-to-peer funds settlement and ownership is handed by the Ethereum blockchain and respective connected wallet itself.

5.0 FARM Cryptoasset

a. All FARM cryptoassets are the initial property of et al. Once a FARM has left the initial company wallets, for example from a DEX transfer to a new wallet, it is no longer under the et al. control and all legal safeguarding responsibilities are transferred to the new owner. FARM is not a registered security of Crypto Farm Corp. or any of its authorized affiliates. We do not regulate or control who uses the ‘crypto dot farm’ official trade name token, and therefore do not make any promise of equity, vote, or future token market value in any capacity. We never advertise or sell FARM as an investment vehicle or make any promise of financial returns. It is simply a fixed product of our domain designed for the global computer network to trade peer-to-peer should they wish. FARM acts as medium of exchange (without being money or legal tender), and is a well designed product and not a security token per the United States Securities Exchange Commission SEC laws (failing the Howey Test, among other criteria) and Canadian Securities Administrators CSA laws (failing to function as an Investment Contract, among other criteria). All responsibility and potential financial reporting of FARM orders are to be handled by the wallet holding individual in their respective jurisdiction, with overall network security defined and maintained by the Ethereum Foundation. or its founder does not promise or guarantee any replacement of FARM should the owner lose access to their FARM for whatever reason. Read more about FARM in our whitepaper.

6.0 Privacy Policy

a. We are not in the business of selling your data. All customer, personal, and business data is kept confidential and stored securely. Certain payment details and shipping information will be kept by PayPal Canada. Certain machine based device information is stored per 2.a website cookies. 

7.0 Intellectual Property and Licensing

a. Trademarks and servicemarks (graphics and text) on this website are copywrite their respective owners, and are not to be used without verified recorded approval from et al. see list of our trademarks, etc. at

b. All written text are copywrite and original content, and may not be used anywhere without verified recorded approval from et al. 

c. All software (HTLM, Javascript, etc. forms of code and graphical user interfaces) are typically the exclusive intellectual property design of et al. and may not be used anywhere outside of our domain’s without our verified recorded approval.

8.0 Contacts

a. Any and all legal inquires must be sent electrically to [email protected], and will be confirmed as received within 10 business days.