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1.0 Website Terms of Use

a. Like most sites on the internet, our website uses cookies for identifying visitors. Cookies are small text based information packets stored by the web based browsers (such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other web based browser) on your computer. The information is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server. This enables our web server to identify and track web browsers, this helps us auto-select language and currency options for you, and keep count on what internal pages you visit. By visiting our website you agree with using all of our cookies and associated third party cookie providers from Google, Facebook, WordPress, and Cloudflare. The 3rd party providers also generate statistical and other information about website use by means of cookies. The information generated relating to our website is used to create reports about the use and traffic of the website. Furthermore, all your browser cache (local memory) are automatically removed and permanently deleted from your browser after 60 days of inactivity (not visiting the website). 

b. All information provided on our website is exactly that, just information. We don’t promise any particular result, or suggest you take any action. Everything you read is potentially a matter of opinion of our company, and not to be taken as true scientific, legal, or political advice. Therefore, when visiting our website you will not hold us liable for any wrongdoing, misfortune, or harm, that may arise as a result of your actions on and off-line from this website, including using any of or products, services, and research. We do not guarantee or endorse any type of financial success from using our website or products, you should research and use the products at your own free will, and it’s important to check with your local jurisdiction if you are allowed to visit our website. We do not block any specific country, and welcome all global visitors to the website. Our website was deigned in English language, and all international language text (including this page), are machine translated by Google and some human based string translation from wordpress multi language (WPML) interface. The translated content is not verified for direct correctness or translation accuracy. Therefore, we are not responsible for incorrect or accidental offensive language translations, or your action resulting from their interpretation. We try our best to have a website that is suitable and comfortable for international visitors, but make no promise of the meaning or truth of the written language. 

c. Our company operations and website are generally bound by the legal jurisdictional requirements of Canada, with a further commitment to abide by all international law standards with our product, services, and research export business. Due to the global audience of the cryptocurrency industry, do not engage with our website should you have illegal or nefarious intent in mind. Such visitors will be banned by our security team, and we reserve the right to block any country or specific visitor should we choose without justifiable clause. We also have the right to amend or edit this Legal page at any point in time. You can view the last edit time at the top of the page. We suggest to print a time-stamped copy of this page for your records, we do not update this page more than once per month. 



2.0 Terms of Sale

a. Payment. We aim to accept all forms of Good and Tender, from any country in the world. We have 3 primary payment options, and give you a choice of which one to use during order placement. They are: direct bank transfer SWIFT (USD+CAD receiving only), cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, +25 more), and international major credit cards (VISA,Mastercard,etc) and direct bank (CAD,USD,EUR,RUB,GBP,HKD,etc) via the PayPal gateway.  If you would like to order our products with a different method or currency not listed, please contact us and we will try our best to make accommodations, however we cannot guarantee all forms of payment as acceptance for trade. It’s very important for us there are no barriers to access our products, in order to create a fair opportunity for our website visitors. The only conditions with the purchasing, is all must be done electronically and we do not accept phone or mail orders at this time. Payment must be made in full before any assets are to begin assembly for delivery, and certain payments may be subject to anti-money laundering verification.

b. Refunds are possible up to exactly 5 business days after your order has been placed. After this period, we have already committed your product for production and testing, and cannot under any circumstances issue any type of refund. Buyers remorse cannot be claimed at any point in time after this hard cut-off. We spend a long time testing our products before they go out the door, and each order comes with an included end-to-end warranty for 3 years, from the date the shipper marks your items as delivered. So sit back and relax, you have nothing to worry about. Read more under Sec. 4, Performance Guarantee.

c. Prices shown include all fees, taxes, dues, delivery, and import fees. There will be no hidden or unexpected costs to you after order placement. If there are, for example an unexpected import duty fee, we will cover the expense back to you, up to a maximum 13% the total order cost for this first delivery. We do our best with the import brokers, to make sure this never happens. In most cases we will cover the entire unexpected delivery cost, if occurred. We really strive to make sure your assets get delivered safely to your door, with no extra cost at whatever it takes. (See Sec. 3 on our Delivery Procedure).

d. Your final invoice will keep your Quote currency selection as the primary displayed on the invoice, including a separate line item for tax collected. We convert on the backend to Canadian dollars after payment has been received, as this is our companies financial data reporting requirements. Therefore, we only are collecting tax in CAD dollars only, but we display in your local currency for easy reading and bookkeeping in your local format. It is the customers duty to report the tax paid to their local jurisdiction, only and if required, as the revenue is actually only being collected in Canada, and in CAD dollars for this tax line item amount. We collect on the tax line item on every order, regardless of destination, as part of this policy. Again to clarify, the tax line item is collected and submitted in Canada only. If international order, do not report the tax amount paid to your country. This tax amount grouping can contain the shipping fees, import duty, insurance, etc. Each invoice notes the tax section details clearly on the bottom footer.

d. The product data sheets (PDS) provided are accurate to the best extent possible, however they are to be used as reference only. The electrical power draw depends on many factors including the voltage source, current temperature, and processing algorithm being used. There is at least a 10% design variance on all numbers that must be considered. All our components are at a minimum CE (certified electronics) and RoHS complaint, however we cannot be held liable for accidental or indented misuse of our products, or personal company financial damage resulting thereof from the use of our products. We will ship the power supply and outlet style connection you will need, depending on your local shipping destination country standards. Custom power supply design with tighter tolerances and data sheets to match, are available for large industry engineering orders.

e. Product Options. You must research which product options to choose carefully during your order placement, and we cannot issue refunds or returns for the wrong selection made. The details of each option can be found within the order page. The Arctic Mind option details can be found here. Lastly it should be noted, the cosmetic (visual) look of your delivered product may vary slightly from the images on our website. We cannot guarantee the identical look, or issue refunds because of failed visual expectations or claims of false advertising. An example would be choosing AMD vs. Nvidia, obviously the cards will different, as they are from different manufacturers. The case design and small components we strive to be identical as part of our quality and brand image. We can provide custom Enterprise branding or case options if required for large deployments.

f. Paper Wallet. This method you do not need to register any account or submit any personal documents. It is very fast and easy to own Bitcoin. We have a method of delivering your wallet to you first, without the funds applied. That way, until your wallet has been received, it prevents losing any funds you paid to us from having your mail lost, or someone else stealing your mail. Therefore this is why we do guarantee delivery and receipt of your paper wallet, no matter where in the world, and if the first delivery is unsuccessful for whatever reason, we will send up to one more wallet in the post until you have received it, if the third attempt is unsuccessful, we will refund your entire order amount no strings attached.  Once delivered, we then load the Bitcoin (your investment amount) only after you have the paper wallet physically in your hands. We ask you to confirm via email that you have the wallet in your hands, and this is the sign of trust we then complete and sign your order, and you are now a Bitcoin holder! It is that easy. However to prevent fraud, once you have personally confirmed receipt of the wallet, and we transfer to your wallet, there is no way to claim you had never received the funds, as we have proof in the blockchain transfer. Furthermore, if you loose or misplace your now loaded paper wallet, you cannot ask us for a refund. There are absolutely no refunds with this service. It is a one way street, we can of course only deposit to your wallet, and no one can withdrawal your hard earned Bitcoin without your secret key, which is hidden by a sealed sticker in the paper wallet. Because we are able to add to the public address at anytime, this allows us in the future you can place another order and we could top up the same paper wallet, or simply mail you a new one with new design. We take the timestamp at order, and that is your market rate you had purchased your investment into. We then facilitate the Bitcoin order at that price and lock in your investment amount. The bitcoin paper wallet when shipped, will show you the exact details and receipt where our 10% fee is applied for this service. Basically, if bitcoin is = $1,000USD market rate, and you order $1,000 amount with your credit card, you will get 0.9BTC loaded and delivered to your door, which you can keep forever. This fee covers our exchange cost, the wallet printing with tracked shipping delivery, and our support time in securing your investment and helping you get started with Bitcoin! We try and keep it very simple. Now lets say few years later BTC is worth $100,000USD, and you want to sell your investment and go buy that new sports car, you then send us an official request from the email on file you used to purchase the initial paper wallet. We then do our security check to make sure you are actually sending the request, and because we have a backup of your paper wallet stored and indexed in a secure fire-proof insured vault, we can sell your BTC at market for you and then pay you in direct cash through e-transfer, PayPal, or direct bank wire/EFT in USD or CAD. Therefore with 0.9BTC example, that is a $90,000 market settlement, and after fees, time, materials, and service we charge same in/out 10% fee, and we would transfer you 90% of the settlement cash at $81,000 to your pocket within 5-10 business days, with detailed receipt so you can claim capital gains on your income taxes should you choose. You can also just sell the BTC yourself should you choose, or feel comfortable doing, using your private keys on the paper wallet. If you attempt to sell on your own, and the BTC is lost or hacked at any time, there is no warranty for returning your BTC or initial investment order amount. The BTC will remain safe, as long as your private key is never revealed, and paper wallet remains intact. We suggest storing in fire-proof safety deposit box. If you really feel brave, you could memorize your private and public key off the paper wallet, and then burn/destroy your paper wallet, just don’t forget the numbers! You can read more into how a brain wallet works in our article here. We do not suggest of course to do this, and there is no warranty on the funds should you attempt to store your paper wallet BTC in your brain and then forget it. This service method overall is ironclad, fair, and straightforward, hence there are no additional legal terms or conditions for this service, other than of course we do not guarantee any finical gains or loss on your investment.

g. Instant Portal. This quick portal is for VISA, MasterCard, buy or sell BTC or ETH service is provided by, and they manage all the customer data, guarantee your order delivery, and take all liability as it is their server and not doing the processing and crypto exchange. You have to register an account and submit personal documents, unlike with our Paper Wallet service above section 2f,  you can buy Bitcoin with normal shopping checkout cart and never have to make an account.  See legal page here for more info. They charge market 5-10% fee for the service. You have to verify and make an account with them during the process. There is more technical skill required than the paper wallet service.


3.0 Asset Delivery Procedure


a. Lead Times. Each one of our products are custom-assembled and made-to-order. Therefore you can not expect instant delivery. The design engineers take a long and careful time, and test each component rigorously before it leaves our facility. Depending on the order quantity, we have developed expected lead times for the customer. These are simply guidelines, and not firm commitments: 

Arctic Mind (qty 1-10) – 60-90 days

Arctic Mind (qty 10-50) – 100-180 days

Arctic Mind (qty 50+) – 180-360 days

Bitcoin Paper Wallet ( qty. 1-50) 5-10 days

Bitcoin Paper Wallet ( qty. 50+) 10-30 days

Farm4U product line – coming soon, similar lead times to Arctic Mind.


b. Notifications. We will send you periodic email updates throughout the order progression. The five standard checkpoints are as follows. You do not need to contact us with an update question, we will keep you informed automatically through the checkpoints:

1) Payment confirmed –> first auto email invoice receipt sent

2) Material assembly begin (no email) – follows 3.0a above timelines

3) Order complete, picture updates of your order –>second email sent

4) Shipping update with tracking number –>third email sent

5) Package delivered, warranty if applicable period starts –> fourth final follow up email sent in several days, follow up survey


c. Delivery Details.  You can expect the products to arrive within the time window described in 3.a. You have option during checkout, for the selection of “Asset Delivery Type”. For Standard options of Regular and Enterprise delivery, we cannot guarantee or select a particular day for delivery, it will depend on duty customs and local delivery driver. For the other three delivery options, at an extra add-on price, we have better control and can arrange to our best capability a delivery specific to one day window if required. All custom delivery GPS positions must be road accessible by a standard Class 6 medium sized 19,501–26,000 pounds (8,846–11,793 kg) vehicle. The discreet delivery option details can be specified further by the customer, and we will do our best to deliver to your requirements. We can also sign location non-disclosure agreements, if required, to keep the delivery and order details confidential. The initial setup add-on by, includes one full day (max 12 hours) only, to setup the assets where required by the customer. The setup includes the labour of moving and installing the products into final position, connecting them to existing monitors and hardware, and then turning them on and giving a brief in-person run down of the asset capabilities and basic user use functions (such as how to clean the air filters, power and lighting control button locations, and where to plug in certain physical devices). 


4.0 Performance Promise

a. 3 Years Standard.  Our hardware warranty starts from the moment your product is delivered, according to the shipping tracking number. We assemble each product very carefully, and a design shock proof delivery case, such that we never expect there to be any material issue once you receive your new asset. In any case there is a problem, our support staff via a ticket system are available just a simple email away, [email protected] We have outlined what is required on your end, to keep your product as healthy as possible, and to extend the life well beyond our three year warranty. Please read very carefully our Performance section, to understand what is expected from you, in order to honour the three year period, and how to best take care of your asset for a long and healthy life after this period. 

b. Hardware. The Performance Promise is applicable only to material defects or hardware reliability issues. At the core, is a hardware company. We source only the best quality components the world can offer, therefore we stand behind our build quality and end user performance. We know how important it is to keep your systems and users online. If there is ever a hardware failure, we can walk you through how to perform a remote part swap and will cover all material expenses, no questions asked. You are required to send back the failed component first, and we can reimburse you for such shipping costs. If the element is too difficult to replace or remote diagnose, we will cover all full unit shipping cost back to our facility for analysis, using the secure foam shipping container provided with the first asset delivery. There is no limit to the number of support tickets or repair inquires during the standard three year window. You are encouraged to run custom overclock profiles and push the machines at high performance. Just please note any temperature related damages (overheating due to improper overclock or use) are not covered. The systems are typically smart enough to auto-shutdown when high temperatures or bad overclock timings are reached, but not always does this prevent permanent damage. We do not guarantee any actual performance commitments or service level up-time. All assembled hardware designs and trade-marks, are of their respective manufactures and owners.

c. Software. No warranty is provided, and any operating system (OS) is copy-write of their respective programmers and owners. We are not held liable for software produced financial loss in any capacity. It is your responsibility to keep software updated and have security measures in place. We simply install the commercial genuine OS images for hardware testing and performance purposes prior to shipping. The OS will boot up clean out of the box, but then it is your responsibility to use the OS accordingly. All OS we have for building selection, are long term development environments, and will receive continuous updates for at least 3 years from their respective developers. You can choose the type of Primary and Secondary OS during checkout configuration. We suggest an IT department to inspect and setup the product prior to end user access. Network security is also the users responsibility and not that of corp or its affiliates. We cannot officially troubleshoot software issues through our support tickets, only for hardware related material issues. 

d. General Provisions. You must follow the five tech principles, in order to keep your asset qualified for this policy. Failure to do so, will void the hardware promise. In the unlikely event of material failure, we will honour up to two identical component replacement items. The probability of three natural failures on the exact same component is less than 0.0001%, so this policy provision is typically nothing to be concerned with. Note, at any time we can revoke the Performance Promise, should our support team suspect incorrect support ticket abuse, product misuse, or fraudulent intent. You are required to send back all components to us first prior to a new component being replaced, in order to prevent component replacement fraud. Most times we can walk you though how to remove such failed components, however if the failed component is too difficult to access or remote diagnose, or you are not technically or physically able to access it, no worries, you can send the entire unit back to our lab for analysis in the provided foam shipping case, and we will make it a priority to get your asset repaired and back into production, but we cannot make any turn-around-time commitments, or guarantee there is no return import duty or shipping fees out of our control. We will cover full unit standard air-parcel speed return shipping costs both directions (not express or one-day), up to a maximum of two full unit returns over the three year duration. You need to submit paper record proof to us first, before we consider any reimbursement. Again, it is unlikely you will ever have to send the full unit back to our lab for analysis. In conclusion at the end of the day, we want you to know, we have your back should anything happen to your assets.