Crypto Farm is your radioactive unicorn!

FARM domain cryptoasset. Ready for purchase now!

Speculate on the domain turning into a famous and global mining website and manufacturer. There are only 32 million FARM in existence, where the initial FARM cryptoassets can be purchased for only 0.00005ETH each (~1.3 USD cents each as of 22-FEB-2020). Trade our company cryptoasset on

Read our FARM whitepaper here

Venture capital offers are available

Investment into our company fund will offer our industrial and accredited investors a large future network liquidity opportunity to recapture a profitable investment in the near nuclear future with our companies progression. For access to equity based opportunities, please contact us to setup a discussion to learn more. We have an iron-clad legal framework, and an Ontario, Canada (and US) compliance plan.

mega scale design

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Creating a large network of mining system will require a significant investment into developing proprietary materials, electrical and software engineering drawings to support industrial level power capabilities. Our goal is for one day to be bigger than startups successses like Google and Facebook.

Save on operating costs

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The Crypto Farm model will act on both ends of the bookkeeping spectrum by reducing operating costs for the clinet and generating new revenue streams

energy source

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Nuclear energy poses as one of the ideal energy sources due to its almost zero-carbon footprint. The initial investments will come to support growing the utilities industry strength in Canada and the U.S.

Drop us a note at ([email protected]) or use our contact form here if your Entity [or Personal Accredited Status] is interesting in investing capital into our Canadian startup.

The crypto-energy financial millennia has begun. 


In a not-so-distant future, a travelling space observer ponders to itself when scanning the earth,

“There exists the company that farmed them all?”