The brief story of the company founder

Adam John Brooks, MASc., BSc. (Eng)

alma mater: Queen’s University of Kingston, Ontario, Canada – Sci ’14


[5 minute read] published 09-AUG-19

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Adam is a second generation Canadian with ethnic roots from Ukraine, Poland, Germany, and England. Interestingly enough, the Brooks family name is a rather common one in Canada and the US dating back since circa 1600 in old England, but ancestrally speaking the majority record of Brooks families settling in the land were farmers by trade. As a serial entrepreneur, Adam registered his first business at the age of 13 selling small sporting toys on eBay. He built his first computer even earlier than that, in 1999 at the age of 7. He played sports and lots of golf growing up throughout highschool, and even played on the more competitive hockey and baseball teams in his birth town of Whitby, Ontario, Canada. Adam knew he wanted to be an engineer since the age of 14 – taking inspiration from cable TV shows such as ‘How it’s Made’ on the Discovery Channel (which we think is still airing to this date). When Adam was 18 he finished highschool with a 92% average in Gr.12, and headed out determined for a mechanical engineering undergraduate, and put his online business on hold, to focus on school studies as well as to enjoy the away-from-home freedom, and social eye-opening life that first year university offers, at one of Canada’s most prestigious research university’s and famous engineering schools, older than the formation of Canada itself, Queen’s University of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Turns out he got in the zone and studied for 7 years total at Queen’s, and graduated at age 23 with his undergraduate – and – a Master of Applied Science (MASc) thesis in the area of materials science and nuclear metallurgy, under a Chinese-Canadian, materials expert and electron microscopy specialist professor Dr. Zhongwen Yao – a field Adam only discovered in the last 50% of his formal studies with Queen’s. Zhongwen was a main catalyst on Adam’s ethnic diversity and wider understanding and care of the world and its people. To this day Adam still prefers writing technical research reports and plans to release his crypto-working-theories in his own online-web published science repository. He incorporated his first real professional corporation recently in early 2017 after graduating from his Masters and heading into industry as a nuclear contractor consulting specialist. Adam has built and coded this entire website since then, skills self-taught in the recent years of the start-up web development process, and is the active domain webmaster and owner. Since founding Crypto Farm Corp., on Valentine’s day, 14th of February, 2018 (almost 10 years after Bitcoin’s first block) he has moved full time into his entrepreneurial ventures. His materials engineering background and natural novel idea generating mindset, has been a driving force behind everything you see with’s creations, down to the pixel colours, text font, logo, and products design. In 2015 he was living abroad as a research fellow at the University of Science and Technology, Beijing, China, and recently published an article in the prestigious science journal Acta Materialia. Adam prides himself on his humble beginnings with relatively no starting capital and a huge risk starting a full time company at his young age with only a deep vision into the future. Adam has made further business alliances and solidified his viewpoint on the global use case for cryptocurrencies and digital blockchain technology in all of society. He is especially interested in the nanometer and quantum materials science design that makes the entire crypto-asset ecosystem possible, with a further interest in fusion and next generation nuclear type reactors to support and integrate our own mutual existence and purpose. The story of how he acquired this domain and its true scientific and societal significance are noted on his personal work in progress wikipedia:userpage.

this website was born from: inc

(Ontario – for profit – Adam’s first professional company)

handles all day to day business operations and backend payment processing, service relaying, web development, trademark submissions, and R&D experiments. learn more about projects and websites here