Greetings beings of cyberspace!



 How did you arrive viewing this information? And does your arrival have to be known to anyone? (other than yourself likely)


Passionate about revolutionary systems that challenge the perception of current technology and standards?


Look no further, this domain can be your calling and/or side hustle as a Master Dev of the farm.


A sandbox to explore your mind and create the coolest trading applications in this galaxy — while getting paid a juicy salary stress free!


 Can you already envision what applications and commerce ideas you want to deploy under this domain!?


Do you believe that the human race will always prevail amongst sentient beings? As programmers can we create peace and freedom in all forms of materials, that is irrespective of the current “price” of something?



Employment opportunities: ~Toronto~, Ontario, Canada


{Insert your text here} in-person team. Remote work is also possible no matter where you call home. If you are not Canadian, we can likely hook you up with a work visa and perm accommodations, come chill and explore the downtown life as a Canadian coder! We have a modern office, loaded with all the amenities of free food and drink in a startup tech environment with great natural lighting, right in the heart of downtown. Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities on the planet, everything you desire is already here! This is your chance to get in on the colossal ground floor of what could be a life-long venture at CryptoFarm with endless fun and career prosperity! Craft your own future destiny with a position at this domain.


Full Stack Farm Master

starting at $132,000/yr


Salary payout depending on your availability and past experiences, and is custom tuned to your liking. This position requires working hard Monday-Thursday, with every Friday and weekends off for personal projects! We’re hiring multiple positions under this title, but you can change it if you would like to something that resonates with your heart better:


Love the techno funk, trance and/or EDM deep house music genres (not related to the job per se, only for extracurricular offline parties).


Computer science or engineering equivalent bachelor degree, Masters and or PhD vibe life.


Ruby and Golang expert as example based upon similar syntax knowledge. Unix cli systems expert.


{Passion} email ietf knowledge. End of the day, life is good regardless and jealousy does not exist.




Drop us a note at [email protected] (note: current email sys is under the GIS, if not comfortable with that domain MXDNS clear, wait for later reach out, and welcome your suggestions). Please do at your convenience message whatever cool things you want our humans to know or see regarding your interest, including a resume if possible, and briefly why you want to develop code here. For example, you could write to us and explain what visions you have for the industry and what new technologies excite you.

The only hard requirement at this time to work on is you need to have a decent command of the English language both written and verbal – and be passionate about what you do! Thanks for reading. Oh and did we mention the company founder is a pretty cool human to work for 🙂 welcome to the ultimate journey of space time!


v2.a.b. founders craft 17-MAR-22