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◄ Guaranteed 100% delivery of physical Bitcoin to your door with our Paper Wallets 

 Hold Bitcoin in your hands forever! Store the Paper Wallet in a safe place like you would cash 

◄ Makes for a great long term investment. We support over 20+ multi-currency billing options 

◄ With your Paper Wallet creation, we deliver the exact market rate and don’t charge extra fees 

◄ You own private keys inside the Paper Wallet. Take profit anytime, we are here for your success! 

Proudly secured and shipped from Canada 🍁

*We can process up to $100,000 CAD equivalent per order through the server and our PayPal processing partner. We use industry standard cryptocurrency cold-storage offline security and printing systems to ensure guaranteed safe delivery and custody of your Bitcoin (BTC) Paper Wallet product. We offer a 100% delivery guarantee on all orders worldwide. It is our promise your ordered Bitcoin Printed Amount will arrive safely in your hands, and you are the only owner and have the only copy of the private keys. Once you confirm receipt of the package, we transfer the asset to your wallet, and it is yours forever. We offer one free re-ship attempt if for whatever reason your order is not delivered successfully, or else the entire order amount will be 100% refunded to you. Your credit card or bank payment is processed with bank grade encryption and security standards. We process all orders with a registered money services business regulated by FINTRAC Canada. For larger BTC orders we offer a custom Printing Schedule, contact us directly, we can process up to $10M CAD with direct bank deposits (subject to AML verification). PayPal and Crypto Security Standard are registered marks of their respected owners. ‘Crypto Delivery’ is a CIPO trademark of Crypto Farm Corp. with All Rights Reserved. For more information read through our full website legal page or the CryptoDelivery technical specification found in our research journal. We hope you enjoy our products and they may bring you future financial success, however we do not promise or guarantee any sort of financial gains or outcomes from this product.   

Product Support

Lifetime support, we will do our best to always help you and your assets! The Paper Wallet will contain your Bitcoin amount safety on it, even 100+ years from now, as long as you don’t loose it! We can even mail you a cheque in CAD or USD when you are ready to cash out your Paper Wallet, if you can hand deliver it to our Toronto office, for those sweet, sweet, crypto gains.