Crypto Delivery TM

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 -Guaranteed delivery of Bitcoin to your door. 

– Simple fast checkout with no sensitive ID verification or account creation.

– All we require is a credit card and a shipping address.

– The Bitcoin is stored in a previous block state, and is loaded into your paper wallet upon delivery confirmation.

– In the future, we can help you cash out your Bitcoin, our you can do so yourself with the private key printed on the inside.

– All deliveries follow the 80/20 rule. A $100 order will receive exactly $80 of Bitcoin, including all shipping, fees, and taxes.

– Precise hourly rates of Bitcoin are used to load your wallet at the time of order with no exchange fee markups.

– You receive the full dollar market value, delivered to your hands, the moment you order!

– Make sure to keep your paper wallet it in a safe and dry place!



Example front design for the 100 CAD. Each order is handmade and custom printed with the market bitcoin (BTC) amount.

To the moon! design

We deliver you a paper wallet, it allows you to invest in Bitcoin and still physically hold the coin in your hands. We guarantee delivery or your money back, and have a proprietary delivery method as to never loose your Bitcoin during transport – even if your package is stolen. The crypto value will remain forever once you have received it.

Example back wallet design. Handling instructions and info are included. The back has your public key QR code. The sealed inside of the wallet contains the private key QR. 

Great for giving bitcoin as a gift!

Proudly secured and shipped from Canada

We are insured for up to $1 million per order. We use industry standard security to ensure guaranteed delivery of your Bitcoin. Your dollar investment is processed with bank grade encryption and security standards.


Lifetime support, we will do our best to always help you and your assets!


Crypto Farm – CANADA