So you want to work with us, eh?


We are on a fast track to the moon! (not the moon yet, first the cold similar gravity arctic). At we strive for the most stress-free and enjoyable employment culture anywhere on the planet, trust us. Having a work-life balance is mandatory and vital for your success in life. This is why we never work publically more than a scheduled 30 hrs each week, and every Friday is personal project day. To function here, we give everyone a fair chance at applying. We are cyber-humans of the 21st century and don’t discriminate at all. In fact, its been scientifically proven that the more intellectually diverse your workforce is, the better. The only requirement to work with is you need to have a decent command of the English language both written and verbal – and be passionate about what you do!

Drop us a note at [email protected]. Send us whatever cool things you want us to know or see regarding your application, and briefly why you want to work here. For example, you could write to us and explain what visions you have for the industry, or why you see yourself as a good fit at Entrepreneurial business and engineering mindsets are very welcome. The more unique your submission, the better!


Currently we are looking for local and remote talent



Remote (flex and per job opportunities) [hourly $20-150 USD]

[for discreet and anonymous work contact: [email protected] our pubPGP key here]

-eCommerce guru and store part-owner/maintainer

-Trading bot programmer (API to exchange with managed funds)

-IT and crypto network security geek (hot wallet security)

-Domain owner and parker legend

-GPS based advertising expert (social engineering)

-Dynamic localhost website JavaScript developer

-Business Development Rep (for your home country)

-Chinese WeChat +QQ advertisement specialist

-Russian Yandex +tools advertisement specialist

-Online community managers

-Discord traffic drivers and hunters

-Wikipedia editors and contributors (science, recent history, IT topics)




Local (Greater Toronto Area – Downtown Toronto – Ontario North West) 

[salary time average from $45k-250k CAD]

-PhD Mathematics

-PhD Computer Science 

-PhD Materials/Electrical Engineer

-Sr. Electrical Engineer, P.Eng

-Sr. Software Engineer, P.Eng

-Sr. Industrial Building Designer, P.Eng

-Sr. Engineering Project Manager

-Sr/Jr. Full Stack Developer 

-Sr/Jr. Ethereum Developer

-Jr. Materials Engineer

-Jr. Electrical Engineer

-Jr. Computer Engineer

-Jr. Nuclear Engineer

-Jr. QA automation Engineer

-Jr. Hardware assembly Engineer

-Jr. HR coordinator of people and materials

-Jr. Business Development

-IT geeks (server setup+testing)

-Marketing master (you understand webhooks)

-eCommerce guru (for part-owner opportunities)

-Office DJ and Party planner (trance, house, techno)

-Food and drink organiser (and office administrative hero)

-Imaginative position not classified by modern society 

NOTE: You do not need to have an official engineering undergrad to apply for the Engineer positions. You should have a strong background in sciences, mathematics, and/or you love researching and advancing technology. Senior vs. junior has no experience time requirements, your wisdom and knowledge gain will always prevail over a length of time. 


Local (Executive Team – Toronto) 

[salary $70k-250k CAD]

As a member of the executive team you have real skin in the game and want to grow this company bigger than Apple or Microsoft. Your attention to detail and love of society must be demonstrated through your likeable character. You must be able to perform technical analysis in your subject areas. These positions have a max stay length of 4 years and 20 days. You directly report to the Founder and shareholders.  After your time on the executive team, you will be ready to fly your own ship or move into other more advanced ventures is secretly developing.

-Chief Financial Officer

-Chief Business Officer

-Chief Human Resources Officer

-Chief Social Engineer

-Chief Blockchain/Software Engineer

-Chief Electrical Engineer, P.Eng

-Chief Nuclear Engineer, P.Eng

-Chief whatever the hell my name is but I’m quasi qualified 


Currently there are no health, dental, or pension contributions offered, but we are carefully considering such programs for our staff over time. All staff may take as much vacation time as needed, up to a maximum of 10 weeks per year. There are certain restrictions, but for the most part we want you to enjoy your time off (and expect to see cool travelling photos upon return if you went somewhere). Just don’t abuse the privilege, we count on everyone to support the workload at, and you only get paid while you’re on active duty. The rest of the fun employment details will be made available if you are chosen to work here. Our signing agreements are straightforward and simple to understand. Oh, and we have some pretty sweet hardware to use, everyone gets to customise their own Arctic Mind for their desk!

Congrats, you made it this far! Even if you are working full time right now, but are thinking about starting something new, we’re always here to listen. We want to accommodate your goals in every way possible, and every email is a chance at new opportunities. Don’t be shy, tell us your deepest and darkest life story. Having transparency and non-bias information sharing is critical for our mutual success. We respond to all career inquires within 10 business days. [email protected]