The ultimate think and perform workstation for the digital era


The Arctic Mind TM is a fully customizable, built to order, top-of-the-line computer



work at home


Meticulously crafted

The design nature of the system will allow for enhanced user creativity and promoted work ethic, coupled with a natural drive to create memorable content. 

Powerful capabilities

Your users will never be limited or bottle-necked by performance ever again, allowing them to work smarter and more efficiently.

Intuitive controls

Clearly labelled and commonly used inputs that are easy to reach and access, with front panel lighting control.  Your user’s can each customise their own machine’s colour profile – giving your user’s more creative freedom and fun at their daily desk environment.

 Clear tempered glass structure

The see-through case allows your users to think about the materials and components they use everyday, and expand their knowledge of computer hardware in a fun and sophisticated way.


Everything you will ever need

The Arctic Mind can support the most demanding of multi-monitor setups and peripheral arangements. Your users will never run out of connection options again. 

Proudly designed and built in Canada

Worldwide delivery and customs import are included with every unit price


The Arctic Mind comes backed by our three year hardware Performance Promise.

We have designed this asset for use under heavy load, you can expect long term reliability.

You and your users can focus on what matters.


Run into production problems limited by computer power? ….Never again!

Want to add another 4K monitor to your crypto trading setup? ….The Arctic Mind can handle it. 


Or perhaps you are ready to dive into the world of Virtual Reality




Learn more about our performance promise, and the tech principles that need to be followed to ensure the longest life of your new asset: 



4x DisplayPort 1.4, 5x HDMI 2.0b, 3x DVI-D
2x USB 3.1 A+C, 6x USB 3.1, 2x USB 2.0
1x 7.1-Ch Optical S/PDIF with Toslink
2x mic 3.5mm, 2x headphone line 3.5mm  
1x L-Ch, 1x R-Ch, 1x C-ch out 3.5mm 
1x RJ45 E Gigabit LAN, 1x PS/2
1x Wireless-AC (internal), 1x Bluetooth 5.0


100-240VAC power input range (comes with plug connection standard to destination country)
Base 200W power draw and up to 980W with heavy GPU usage
0.47m × 0.23m × 0.51m standing geometry, with tool-free access to air screen mesh
26kg weight (mass), ships in custom foam carrying case for return or traveling if required
29dB idle ultra-quiet noise level, up to 49dB with global system temperature increase
3x 120mm magnetic bearing input fans with multi-colour control and effect front panel LED’s
2x 120mm magnetic bearing roof radiator exhaust auto-variable speed cooling fans no colour
1x 120mm magnetic bearing rear exhaust fan colour fixed white LED always ON


Lifetime support, we will do our best to always help you and your assets!


Arctic Mind TM

Crypto Farm Corp CANADA