About Us

We are designers, engineers, and explorers of the universe.

Each product and service we have created is hand-crafted with love and a focus of the scientific material detail.

All of our design, assembly, and export is performed from our Canadian and US facilities. We are proud to be tech pioneers of Canada, by sharing our products and services with the world!

We’re on a single yet technically deep mission:

To design and indefinitely operate the world’s largest system of zero emission cryptoasset energy networks and research deployments:

Crypto Farm™

Our Story

“Crypto Farm started as one engineer’s passion and belief in advanced electronics and their ability to solve some of the worlds greatest energy problems. It is this very principle that catapulted the company into existence to apply engineered materials to advance the blockchain and cryptocurrency application.

Crypto Farm plans to embark on a long and prosperous adventure, one that will create and grow knowledge of machines and their beneficial processing power. Our passion will eventually lead the company to be one of the select few to become infused with the singularity of worldwide energy production and optimization. Partner with us now, and become a part of something revolutionary, that will outlive the course of many future generations.”



Crypto Farm™ is now on track to be a globally-recognized and trademarked brand name within 15 years, coupled perfectly with our domain name and logo design interpretation. There is an infinite amount of opportunity to be had in the upcoming crypto millennium with crypto.farm’s visions into the future. We hope you enjoy our products and services. We try and make cryptocurrency and its applications as simple and awesome as possible for the greater good of society no matter what country you visit from.  

 more info about human founder’s story here