About Us

We are designers, engineers, and explorers of the universe.

Each product we have ever created is hand-crafted with love and a focus of scientific detail.

All of our design, assembly, and export is performed from our Canadian facilities. We are proud to be tech pioneers of Canada, by sharing our products and services with the world!

Aside from our enterprise grade crypto products – we’re on a single yet technically deep mission:

To design and indefinitely operate the world’s largest system of zero emission crypto-asset minting networks and research deployments.

Crypto Farm™

Our Story

“Crypto Farm started as one engineer’s passion and belief in advanced electronics and their ability to solve some of the worlds greatest energy problems. It is this very principle that catapulted the company into existence to apply engineered materials to advance the blockchain and cryptocurrency application.

Crypto Farm plans to embark on a long and prosperous adventure, one that will create and grow knowledge of machines and their beneficial processing power. Our passion will eventually lead the company to be one of the select few to become infused with the singularity of worldwide energy production and optimization. Partner with us now, and become a part of something revolutionary that will outlive the course of many future generations.”

Adam J. Brooks, Founder, crypto.farm

About the Company Founder

Adam J. Brooks, MASc. BSc. (Eng)


As a serial entrepreneur, Adam registered his first business at the age of 13 selling small sporting toys on eBay. He built his first computer even earlier than that, in 1999 at the age of 7. He played sports and lots of golf growing up throughout highschool, and even played on the more competitive university hockey and baseball teams. Adam studied for 7 years post highschool and graduated at 23 with a Master of Applied Science (MASc) in nuclear metallurgy from Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada. He incorporated his first real professional corporation in 2017 after graduation from his Masters and heading into industry. His materials engineering background and natural entrepreneurial mindset, has been a driving force behind everything you see with crypto.farm’s creation. In 2015 he was living as a research fellow at the University of Science and Technology Beijing China, and recently published an article in the prestigious science journal Acta Materialia. Adam has made further business alliances and solidified his viewpoint on the use case for cryptocurrencies and digital blockchain technology in all of society. He is especially interested in the nanometer and quantum materials science design that makes the entire crypto-asset ecosystem possible, with a further interest in fusion and next generation nuclear type reactors to support and integrate our own mutual existence and purpose.

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