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business foundation

Crypto Farm is focused on the design and use case of crypto-assets and blockchain technology for industrial engineering applications


Crypto Farm is  built using the latest in technology and innovation. Our systems are modular by design and feature autonomous power control

Crypto Managment

Enter the new age of stored value.  Crypto Farm stakeholder returns are managed  with full Canadian legal accounting transparency

Blockchain and Hardware

Understanding blockchain can be simple. Understanding its electrical backbone is definitely not. Our goal is to make sure the best methodology and engineering practice is applied to successfully deploy a Crypto Farm by using custom developed and sourced circuitry.

Why Crypto Farm?

Blockchain technology has a bright future ahead of it, not only in the power industry, but virtually all other industries. Yet as a society we are still years away from mass adoption and commercial full swing. By partnering with us now, you’ll be ahead of the curve and ready for financial growth in this new market. We have already designed and stability tested a select few products that are now ready for your adoption.

Proudly canadian

While crypto technology disassociates old policy and state defined borders, the company plans for its initial operations to wholly support the Canadian Power Industry with all operations compliant under Canadian Revenue Agency laws

knowledge growth

It is Crypto Farm’s goal by 2030 to have the world’s most advanced group of crypto scientists and blockchain engineers – ready to  alleviate outdated corporate business practices and power systems


We will always operate on a network ‘air gap’ between the Crypto Farm and existing instrumentation and control. This results in iron clad protection and zero association if required to the existing  infrastructure

fully compliant

Crypto Farm’s will exists on fully transparent blockchain ledgers, which can be public or private in nature. The system will self audit for the client, customer, regulator, and end user of the energy it is consuming


Crypto Farm will be more than a way of utilizing available energy for financial returns. The system will naturally mint stakeholder shares through the power that it consumes
does all this tech stuff sound like mumbo jumbo ?

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The Digital Currency Market

Crypto Farm has all the knowledge and market expertise for your business to grow in value by using a sophisticated new way to generate and store revenue from power output

Active cryptocurrencies

unique algorithims

billion Market cap


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